Longstanding experience and cooperation


The components and assemblies manufactured by the PM-CNC Gussbearbeitung GmbH have proved their worth in very complex products. Each component is made with maximum precision, from pattern making to the series. The businesses described below give examples that show the variety in our manufacturing.



We offer our customers reliable manufacturing solutions that are optimised in terms of technology and profitability. Innovative production technology and equipment guarantee reliable and efficient manufacturing.

motor housings, carriers and beams, rotor housings.
fittings, housings and casings, valve boxes, actuator housings, flow restrictors, covers, caps, valve supports.
Gearbox cases, gear lids, drive shafts, compressor parts.
hydraulic pump casings, hydraulic units, hydraulic plates.
pump housings, pump lids, pump shafts.

Automotive & traffic/transport


We produce individual components of max. 500 kg in flexible automated processes. Manufacturing is tailored to the customer’s needs. Even so, we do everything in our power to ensure timely delivery.

Motorenteile, motor parts, structural parts, motor housings, manifolds, oil pan, cylinder head covers, gear housings, chassis- and steering parts, conrods, bearing pedestals, casings, stabilisers.
spring hoods, brake spindle nuts, brake spindles, wheelset holder, coupling halves, tillermen, axle elements, steering rods, torque supports, cores, outer rings, brake parts.
switch plates, guard plates, locking dogs, butt plates, trestle plates, plates, rear plates, fish plates, Trautweiner-type clamp, Stuttgarter-type clamp, wheel wrenches, bogie components.
Intake manifolds, coolant manifold.

Cooperation with foundries/forges


Complex machining of various materials can only be implemented by means of innovative technologies, precise manufacturing technologies and reliable partners. Our company is able to machine bainite cast iron. For this reason, we work closely with high-performance (powerful) foundries, forges and coating firms.