About us


As a family-owned business, we attach great importance to long term partnerships with our customers.  

How we will work with you:

  • We are customer-oriented:
    In everything we do, the customer is our focus. This means that we listen carefully to our customers to understand exactly what they need. Thus, we can offer customised services and the greatest benefit to our customers.
  • We are ambitious:
    Our philosophy is a positive one: we think not in terms of problems but of challenges that we can accept in finding solutions to the complex needs of our customers. We are solution-oriented in our work with colleagues and suppliers as well.
  • We are respectful:
    Respect and fairness form the foundation for confidence in teamwork, not only between customers and suppliers, but also among colleagues, employees and management. Respect means also being open to the ideas and inspiration of others. This allows us to maintain our ability to innovate and to be competitive. Being open to constructive criticism and different views also builds up confidence and contributes to cooperation.



The PM-CNC Gussbearbeitung GmbH, which is active in the machining of castings, has been established on the global market as a supplier to a variety of industries for many years. Our customers include manufacturers and providers in every sector. Our solid technical expertise and outstanding skills in process engineering have made us a reliable partner.

The PM-CNC Gussbearbeitung GmbH is both a service manufacturer and a supplier of finished parts. Our company is the proven supplier of choice in the automotive and traffic engineering industries.


The great flexibility of our advanced manufacturing systems and our innovative manufacturing methods, as well as the continuous extension of our service portfolio, are our main strengths. A high level of automation guarantees maximum efficiency in the individual manufacturing cycles and very short set-up times for production changes, thereby keeping our processes absolutely reliable.

The integration of innovative manufacturing methods, combined with optimal material flow and committed experienced employees, ensures high quality and flexibility in production.

Our services

Economic and engineering consulting

3D measurement, strength/leakage tests, magnetic particle inspection

Purchasing of unmachined parts

Castings/forgings and solid material

Manufacturing technology

Machining, balancing, cleaning, grounding, lacquering, assembling

Warehouse management/logistics

Storage of unmachined & finished parts


Our offer to the customer

Plant area: 25.000 m²
Production areae: 4.000 m²
Warehouse area: 7.000 m²
Manufacturing techniques: machining of prismatic and rotary parts,
  colouring (wet lacquer coating, spraying & plunging techniques)
  strength/leakage tests up to 150 bar (water) and max. 110 bar (air), certified according to the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 97/23/EG, CE 0035
  magnetic particle inspection (MPI) according to DIN EN ISO 9712; balancing
Services provided by our partners:

coating (cathodic dip varnishing, galvanizing, rubber coating, plastic coating) heat treatment and surface finishing (such as hardening, shot-peening)

Max. part handling diameter: 850 mm (travels: x: 950mm, y: 750 mm, z: 850 mm)
Mass: 0,5 -500 kg

Ferrous castings (GG, GGG, ADI),
Aluminum castings, red brass, steel castings,
Forgings, steel

Part quantities:

small and medium series,
project business and high production volumes

Manufacturing precision IT 6